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DB Robotics invents nation's first hybrid electric rollator

By Mun So-jeong

Published : Oct. 10, 2023 - 16:54

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DB Robotics' new hybrid electric rollator (DB Robotics) DB Robotics' new hybrid electric rollator (DB Robotics)

DB Robotics, a first-generation robot developer in South Korea, has revealed the nation’s first hybrid electric rollator that also converts into a wheelchair, the company said Tuesday.

Compared to a standing walker, the new electric rollator has motors around each of its four wheels, enabling individuals with limited mobility to leave their house freely. Even on an incline, the electric motors accelerate, allowing the wheels to move up the slope without additional effort.

In order to prevent falling accidents, the rollator also features LED lights to illuminate the ground when it is dark outside.

DB Robotics will launch two types of electric rollators, a general model and an advanced model. While the general model includes the aforementioned features of electric motors, LED lights and a speed controller, the advanced model has a navigation function and an AI sensor that detects when the rollator is moving downhill. The sensor will automatically engage the brakes to prevent accidents.

Based on the history of searched destinations and an AI-based real-time location system, the rollators can also assist in locating their owners if they get lost.

The electric rollators can be manually operated depending on the situation, the company said.

“While imported European rollators are sold at a high price relative to their function, DB Robotics’ new rollators are equipped with cutting-edge functions that ensure safety and durability,” said DB Robotics CEO Lee Bae. “With exceptionally low prices, we also maintain competitiveness in the market.”

In partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Gyeonggi Province, the company is also promoting free donations of its new electric rollators to senior centers and hospitals.