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[New in Korean] Embark on epic adventure as nationwide audition for first robotic pilot begins

By Hwang Dong-hee

Published : May 26, 2023 - 09:02

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“Project V” by Park Seo-ryeon (Safehouse Inc.) “Project V” by Park Seo-ryeon (Safehouse Inc.)

“Project V”

By Park Seo-ryeon

Safehouse Inc.

Award-winning novelist Park Seo-ryeon of “Kang Ju-ryong, the Woman in the Air” presents a fresh take on a narrative set in a futuristic Korea of 2037, where a giant robot is the new hot trend. As countries are embroiled in a race to develop these colossal machines, Korea also develops a giant robot named V and a nationwide audition is held to select the inaugural pilot.

An exhilarating story unfurls, revolving around Woo-ram, a brilliant female robotics engineer who challenges societal norms. As a promising robotics genius and a top student, she receives unwavering support from her mentor, Prof. Kim, who leads Project V. Woo-ram is convinced that she will become the first Korean to sit in the cockpit.

But things take an unexpected turn. The audition’s qualifications state that only “physically healthy men” are eligible to apply. There is a ray of hope when her twin brother comes up with a daring solution: “Pretend you are me.”

Woo-ram and the other candidates undertake challenging and exciting missions that test their skills and determination. Readers will naturally find themselves rooting for Woo-ram, a resilient and courageous young woman, who has no hesitation in saying “I am the best at what I do.”

If the world doesn't provide a way, Woo-ram is the type of person to figure it out herself. Minor set-ups such as surrendering electronic devices for the audition and a plagiarism dispute over the design of V add intrigue and keep the readers captivated throughout the book.