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Lee Chaeyeon is ready to "KNOCK” on hearts of many with 2nd EP

By Hong Yoo

Published : April 13, 2023 - 14:41

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K-pop solo artist Lee Chaeyeon performs her new titular track, K-pop solo artist Lee Chaeyeon performs her new titular track, "KNOCK," for the first time at the media showcase of her 2nd mini album, "Over The Moon," held in Seoul on Wednesday. (WM Entertainment)

K-pop performance queen Lee Chaeyeon is back to knock over the music scene with her second mini album, “Over The Moon.”

This comeback comes six months after Lee Chaeyeon made her debut as a solo artist last year with her debut album, “Hush Rush.”

“I tried to put my bold and adventurous characteristics into the album, in which the concept is to depict diverse identities, from a high school honor student to a wannabe,” Lee Chaeyeon introduced her new album at a media showcase held in Seoul on Wednesday.

The album carries a total of five tracks led by the titular track, “KNOCK,” and four sidetracks “Intro: Line By Line,” “I Don’t Wanna Know,” “Don’t Be A Jerk,” and “Like A Star.”

“I put a lot of work into making the performance of the titular track unique and filled with my charm. Thanks to choreographer Rozalin from my dance crew, WANT, the choreography turned out great,” said the soloist.

The titular track composed of energetic beats and rhythmical melodies carries the message that she will "knock" on the heart of her loved one.

“When I first heard the demo, I was appalled because the song was powerful, something I have never tried before. But the melody kept on playing inside my head and that’s when I got confident about this song,” said Chaeyeon.

She showed off this track's signature dance moves: making a snapping motion near her thigh and then a shooting motion.

Each of her titular track performances will be of a different concept, which means that her styling and the story line of the choreography will change every time.

In this album, Lee Chaeyeon took part in writing the lyrics for the first time.

She wrote the lyrics of the last track, “Like A Star,” which is a fan song written thinking about her fans.

She also made the choreography to the track, “I Don’t Wanna Know,” which she performed at the media showcase along with the titular track.

Her artistic and conceptual performance proved that she deserves the title of “performance queen.”

“I still think that I am working toward establishing my position as a solo artist in the K-pop scene, which is currently filled with talented artists. For my debut album, I was really nervous when performing and I think I focused on the concept of the album more. But for this album, I am more confident about myself and tried to focus on accentuating what I can do best, which is performance,” said Lee Chaeyeon.

The soloist entered the music scene as a member of IZ*ONE, a now defunct group that was established through the K-pop audition TV program, “Produce 48.”