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Singer Park Jihoon turns dark with 'Blank or Black'

By Choi Ji-won

Published : April 12, 2023 - 19:05

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Park Jihoon holds a press conference for his new solo album Park Jihoon holds a press conference for his new solo album "Blank or Black" in Seoul on Wednesday. (Maroo Entertainment)

Singer Park Jihoon returned Wednesday with his seventh EP "Blank or Black."

The album marks the singer-actor's return six months since the release of his sixth EP, "The Answer," in October.

Park held his first solo press conference on Wednesday ahead of the album's release later in the evening and discussed his new album and its making.

During the event, Park said the album will captivate people into the depth of his charms.

"The album portrays my irresistible charms through the songs," he said.

Fronting the new album is "Blank Effect," which features a fusion hip-hop score with an explosive sound and enchanting vibe.

Park said his acting in the music video for the title song was inspired from the 2019 film "Joker."

"I thought that an expressionless face is a reflection of a lonely and empty feeling. There's a scene in 'Joker' where the man dances under the street lamp with his face veiled by shadow, and it seemed to me that he was trying to act strong, as if saying, 'I'm good alone.' But inside he feels desolate and vacant. I tried to portray that emotion," the singer-actor said.

The album also includes five more tracks that showcase the different facets of the singer -- "Gemini," "Black Hour," "Matador," "Gambit (feat. Bang Yong-guk)" and "Crashing For." Bang Yong-guk is a singer-songwriter and a member of now-disbanded boy band B.A.P.

Park Jihoon holds a press conference for his new solo album Park Jihoon holds a press conference for his new solo album "Blank or Black" in Seoul on Wednesday. (Maroo Entertainment)

Park debuted as a singer in 2017 as a member of Wanna One, a project boy band that was formed through the second season of Mnet's hit idol survival show "Produce 101." The project band officially ended its activities in January 2019.

He went solo in March 2019 with his first EP "O'Clock." He has since released five more EPs and one full-length album as a soloist musician. In October, he held his first in-person standalone concert "Clue" in Seoul.

His acting career has long preceded his music, having made his screen debut with the hit drama series "Jumong" in 2006. He also appeared in soap operas, music videos and TV ads as a child actor. Recently, he starred as one of the main leads in Wavve's drama series "Weak Hero Class 1."

Several new projects this year also give him the chance to extend his acting chops further. He was confirmed to star in the new KBS drama show based on the Naver webtoon series "Love Song for Illusion," as well film "O'drey," which will mark his cinema debut.

The 23-year-old singer-actor said he has matured mentally in the past four years of his solo career.

"I used to get caught up in trivial thoughts and worries, but these days, I try to make use of such time, attempting new challenges and trying new activities," he said.

His gratitude for fans is what drives him to continue working so strenuously, Park said.

"I feel that my fans have a hard time waiting for me. I don't release new albums often and I go into long breaks due to acting, but my fans, May, wait for me every time. I don't want to disappoint them so I have to work hard," the singer said.

In ending the event, Park said, "Hopefully, I could be recognized as an all-rounder entertainer (with the album). I want to become someone who is able to take on various roles."