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‘D.P.’ actor Song Duk-ho faces draft dodging probe

Actor Song Duk-ho. (Bistus Entertainment)
Actor Song Duk-ho. (Bistus Entertainment)

Actor Song Duk-ho is under investigation by a joint investigation team of the prosecution and the Military Manpower Administration on allegations that he illegally evaded military service through a broker, media outlets reported Tuesday.

The joint investigation team suspects that the actor had contacted a military broker and asked for help demonstrating false symptoms of epilepsy during a military examination. After submitting an allegedly fraudulent report of his diagnosis, Song was deemed unfit to serve as a soldier in the army, allowing him to serve as a social service agent instead.

Bistus Entertainment, the actor’s agency, admitted that he had received an exemption in an “improper” way.

“While (Song) was looking for ways to postpone his military service last summer, he used an unfair way where he received a level four (during the examination) instead of delaying his enlistment date,” the company said in a statement.

Under the current conscription system, those in grades one, two and three are eligible to enlist for active duty service. Those categorized as grade four can serve for supplemental or second citizen service, and those in grade five are enlisted in second citizen service.

Those excused from military service due to health issues are categorized in grade six, and those in grade seven are unable to be graded due to disease or illness.

The 29-year-old starred in Netflix’s military drama “D.P.,” which revolves around the reality each enlistee undergoes during their time in the army.

“(Song) is deeply reflecting on the incident and would like to apologize to those he disappointed,” the company added.

After the news broke, the actor announced a hiatus from his acting career. He reportedly stepped down from filming a drama after the police investigation.

Meanwhile, the joint investigation team has been cracking down on the draft dodging scandal, dubbed the “epilepsy scandal,” where draft evaders have contacted a local broker to fake disabilities that would disqualify them from their mandatory duties due to health issues.

Ravi of the boy band VIXX and volleyball player Jo Jae-sung are among the celebrities and professional athletes who allegedly have attempted to dodge the military service.

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