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[Land of Squid Game] Eating seaweed soup on birthdays

If you are a K-drama maniac, you might be wondering why Koreans eat seaweed soup on their birthdays. Most cultures have cakes or some other special dish (usually a pastry).
But in Korea, it’s seaweed soup. Seaweed is traditionally served to women during postnatal care. The seaweed is a great source of iodine and iron, and its detoxifying characteristics make it an ideal food for postnatal recovery. So, Koreans eat seaweed soup on their birthdays to pay respect to their mothers. 

By Min Byoung-chul 

Min Byoung-chul is an endowed chair professor at Chung-Ang University who is widely known as a multicultural educator and for his practical English teaching. This content is based on his book, “Land of Squid Game,” which can be purchased at major book stores. -- Ed.

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