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International Arts Education Week to be held next week

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Korea Arts & Culture Education Service announced that they will hold the 11th International Arts Education Week next week.

Under the theme of “Culture and Arts Education in the Post-Coronavirus Era, Resilience to Transformation,” the one-week event will showcase various programs including a symposium and seminar on culture and arts education, a one-day class program, a UNESCO Expert Meeting on Culture and Arts Education and a performance by the Orchestra of Dreams.

Speakers from Egypt, Malaysia, Oman and the United Kingdom will present and share their opinions on culture and arts education after COVID-19.

Between Monday to May 29, various one-day classes will offer opportunities to learn from artists in various fields such as painting, crafts, music and architecture will participate and communicate with citizens.

On May 28, Orchestra of Dreams will perform at the outdoor performance stage of Marronier Park at Daehagno, Seoul. Orchestra of Dreams is a project music ensemble of children and teenagers that was established in 2010. During the IAEW, 115 members of the Seongbuk and Guro Orchestra of Dreams and 25 music directors and instructors will perform music by Beethoven.

The event will provide an opportunity for policymakers to hold discussions. On May 24 and 25th, UNESCO experts will gather at the UNESCO Hall in Myeong-dong, Seoul, to formulate a new “Culture and Arts Education Framework” after COVID-19.

“International Arts Education Week will be an event for experts, teaching artists, as well as citizens to share the now and the future,” the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service said,


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