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Pokemon Bread sales to reach 10 million

By Lee Seung-ku

Published : April 6, 2022 - 15:42

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SPC Samlip‘s Pokemon Bread (Yonhap) SPC Samlip‘s Pokemon Bread (Yonhap)
South Korean confectionery SPC Samlip said Wednesday that it has nearly sold 10 million rolls of Pokemon Bread, less than two months after its release in February.

As of Tuesday, it had sold 9.5 million rolls, and surpassing 10 million appears to be only a matter of time, as it continues to sell out.

Pokemon Bread, which debuted in 1999, made its comeback two months ago, appealing to young adults who grew up watching the animation series.

Amid explosive demand for the nostalgia-provoking product, retail stores have begun limiting the number of pastries customers can buy. The craze stems from the included character stickers, according to market observers. Prices for the stickers alone are being quoted between 1,500 and 50,000 won ($1.20-$41) on platforms selling secondhand goods. 

Piggybacking on the rolls’ popularity, the company plans to launch other Pokemon-themed products: Jigglypuff’s Peach-Peach-shoo, Pika-Pika Sweet Ang Butter Sandwich and Pikachu Mango Cupcake.

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