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BIZA Metaversity brings educational institutions together

By Kim So-hyun

Published : March 29, 2022 - 15:54

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BIZA Metaversity is AMAXG Group’s decentralized two-way artificial intelligence platform for education.

A compound of “metaverse” and “university,” Metaversity expands the scope of educational institutions to the virtual world and brings different institutions together.

It is a non-face-to-face web conferencing smart educational platform where anyone can be a lecturer.

Educational institutions around the world including elementary, middle and high schools, universities, graduate schools, government agencies, organizations, academies and individuals can set up education centers on BIZA Metaversity, open online classrooms and upload lecture videos.

To open online classrooms, users need to go through a screening process to get approval, and pay $10 in biza, a virtual currency used on AMAXG’s blockchain-based BizAuto MainNet.

When taking online courses, they need to pay the fees set by the instructors in biza, which is also used on AMAXG’s decentralized shopping mall CarnegieMall and digital asset nonfungible token trading platform UVIT.

Languages offered on Metaversity are Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese.

Metaversity provides quality educational services to users and bridges the academic achievement gap, AMAXG said.

It will also build up big data to develop into an AI user experience-based educational platform that converges with the metaverse.

While the instructor builds his own educational system, students create their own avatars on Metaworld, the metaverse of AMAXG, and set up their own creative and self-initiated study plans, AMAXG said.

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