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Anything is possible at BIZA-Metaworld, AMAXG says

By Ahn Ju-hee

Published : March 29, 2022 - 15:52

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BIZA-Metaworld is a blockchain-based metaverse platform where the virtual world is almost seamlessly interwoven with the physical world, bridging the gap between the two realms.

The term metaverse brings together the Greek prefix “meta” meaning after or beyond, and “universe,” which refers to physical reality. This “universe beyond real life” invites users to do practically anything that is possible in the real world, from shopping to socializing, and even more -- to things that were kept back only in our imaginations.

While such an immersive experience seems no different to virtual reality, the metaverse allows a much greater, all-encompassing overlap of lives in digital and physical worlds. Activities carried out by our “digital twins,” or avatars, are reflected in and updated to our physical selves’ properties, personal connections and senses. With such a high level of synchronization, the digital plane is not just a separate layer to the physical reality, but an additional one.

AMAXG was the world’s first to generate big data based on “smart contracts,” a program that allows to automate an agreement or workflow without intermediary’s involvement, according to the company. The blockchain research company also owns technology needed to provide a metaverse platform supported with artificial intelligence. Such expertise is backing BizAuto Platform to evolve into a cutting-edge digital plane for the metaverse and NFT businesses, it added.

AMAXG has a string of services launched on the BizAuto Platform, including CarnegieMall (the world’s first blockchain-based P2P shopping mall), Metaversity (two-way artificial intelligence education platform) and UVIT (a digital asset NFT marketplace platform). These DApps, combined with the metaverse and NFT, will be incorporated into Metaworld, the company explained.

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