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[팟캐스트] (442) 코로나 확진자도 대선 투표가 가능할까/ 구멍가게 그리는 펜화작가 이미경 인터뷰


"Ginkgo tree shop" by Lee Me-kyeoung

*진행자: 김혜연, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. COVID-19 patients under self-quarantine may be unable to vote

요약: 다가오는 3월 20대 대통령 선거, 코로나19 확진자도 투표가 가능한지에 대해 중앙선관위의 입장을 들어본다.

[1] Concerns are mounting over whether COVID-19 patients will be unable to cast their votes for the 20th presidential election, as those confirmed with the virus after the mail-in ballot registration period may be unable to report to voting booths on March 9.

* mount over : 고조되다

* ballot : 무기명[비밀] 투표, 투표용지

[2] The National Election Commission said Friday it would receive applications for mail-in ballots from Wednesday to Sunday next week. The registration is available to COVID-19 patients housed in treatment centers or those in isolation or self-quarantine.

* National Election Commission 선거관리위원회

* mail-in 우송의[에 의한]

* isolation 고립, 격리

[3] Those who register within the period will be able to receive their ballots in the mail and cast their votes by sending back the ballot to the election authority.

* cast 던지다[보내다]

* send back …을 돌려주다

[4] The National Election Commission will allow those housed in treatment centers on the election date to cast their ballots inside treatment centers in accordance with a guideline made for the parliamentary elections in 2020. But no measures are prepared yet for COVID-19 patients isolating at home or those in self-quarantine.

* house in :  보관[수용/소장]하다

* in accordance with : ~에 따라서, ~에 부합하게


2. Artist commemorates independent corner stores

요약: 골목 소규모 가게들을 펜화로 꾸준히 담아온 이미경 작가의 작품활동 동기에 대해 들어본다. 

Memorializing Korea’s disappearing mom-and-pop shops gives artist courage to carry on and grow old

[1] Old ramshackle mom-and-pop stores have provided a lasting subject for Lee Me-kyeoung, a 53-year-old painter, from the human life cycle to childhood nostalgia, when no one even showed the slightest interest in them.

* ramshackle 금방이라도 무너질[주저앉을] 듯한

* mom-and-pop store : 소규모 가게, 영세한 가게

* lasting : 영속적인, 지속적인

[2] “When I started to draw small stores back in late 90s, people hated to see outdated and obsolete things,” Lee said during an interview with The Korea Herald. Lee has produced more than 450 pen drawings on mom-and-pop stores in small villages across the nation in the past two decades since 1998.

* obsolete : 더 이상 쓸모가 없는, 한물간

* pen drawings 펜화

* decade 10년

[3] “They tend to think of these old corner stores as remnants of poverty from the past, something that should be forgotten. But I didn’t think so.”

* remnants 흔적, 나머지, 잔존물

* poverty 가난, 빈곤

[4] She now adds new features in her paintings based on testimony from owners. Lee tries to have a good long talk with them whenever she finds a good subject for her work. 

* features 특색, 특징, 요소

* testimony 증거, 증언



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