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NongHyup Bank introduces antiviral pin pad

(NongHyup Bank)
(NongHyup Bank)
NongHyup Bank said Wednesday that it has developed a pin pad that kills germs like the coronavirus with a UV light after customers have used it to enter their passcodes.

The pad, the first of its kind adopted by a local bank, will be used at NongHyup branches nationwide after a trial run at its key offices in Seoul, the bank said. It added that the pad does not pose health risks.

Meanwhile, Lotte Chemical also said it has come up with an antiviral plastic to be used for credit cards issued by its sister firm Lotte Card. The chemical company collaborated with a local university to develop a key material it calls “everban.”

“The material also kills bacteria, so we expect to see it picked up by more companies seeking better sanitation,” a Lotte Chemical official said.

The “everban” is a second-generation product from an antibacterial campaign run by the chemical firm. The firm rolled out its first product in 2017, which was only antibacterial and not antiviral.

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