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Samsung SDI launches new battery brand PRiMX

Samsung SDI’s new battery brand “PRiMX” (Samsung SDI)
Samsung SDI’s new battery brand “PRiMX” (Samsung SDI)
Samsung SDI has unveiled its new battery brand “PRiMX,” which stands for a prime battery for maximum experience, to better convey its corporate identity that pursues super-gap technology.

The rebranding portrays the philosophy of the firm’s new CEO Choi Yoon-ho, who took the post earlier this month. In his inaugural speech, Choi said, “Let’s together embark on a journey of true No. 1 ... based on super-gap technology and best quality.”

“Samsung SDI has completed the registration of PRiMX in South Korea and Europe, and registration in the US is also scheduled. Samsung SDI will apply PRiMX to all batteries it produces,” a company official said.

It hasn’t been decided whether a US joint venture between Samsung SDI and Stellantis will produce batteries under the new brand.

According to Samsung SDI, PRiMX is built on three keywords -- absolute quality, outstanding performance and proven advantage.

To ensure absolute quality, Samsung SDI employs a defect detection algorithm with a deep learning-based artificial intelligence test, examining some 500 processes throughout the production.

For outstanding performance, Samsung SDI is applying its latest materials technology including a high-nickel cathode and silicon anode.

Proven advantage refers to its two core technologies that enable super-fast charging and super-long lifespan. Samsung SDI has developed a new technique that minimizes the resistance of lithium ions inside batteries and their travel distance.

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