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[팟캐스트] (435) 국립중앙박물관의 아시아 옻칠공예 특별전/ 홍남기 부총리 2022 경제정책 방향 발표

A box with a chrysanthemum scroll design made in Korea during the Goryeo Kingdom (National Museum of Korea)
A box with a chrysanthemum scroll design made in Korea during the Goryeo Kingdom (National Museum of Korea)
진행자: 김혜연, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Ancient art of lacquer on show at Asian lacquerware exhibition

기사 요약: 국립중앙박물관이 아시아 칠기 특별 전시회를 통해 아시아 고대 옻칠 공예의 문화를 알린다.

[1] The National Museum of Korea launched the special exhibition “Ottchil, the Coated Splendor of Asian Lacquerware” on Tuesday, showcasing some 260 pieces of lacquerware produced in different parts of Asia.

* lacquerware 칠기(류)

[2] Lacquer, called “ottchil” in Korean, is a natural paint that has been used in Asia since ancient times. The water-repellent and insect-repellent aspects of lacquer increases the longevity of the objects, while adding a beautiful luster to them.

* repellent 스며들지 않게 하는
* longevity 장수, 오래 지속됨

[3] Lacquer crafts are time and labor intensive. It takes several months to extract lacquer from the lacquer tree, purify it and make it into paint. Afterward, the production requires yet more patience, repeating the process of painting and drying. The passage of time is piled up in a single piece of lacquerware, some of which have survived for thousands of years.

* labor intensive 노동 집약적인, 많은 노동력을 요하는
* purify 정화하다
* piled up 많아지다, 쌓이다

[4] Owing to this quality, lacquer has established itself as an important craft technique in Asia, flourishing into diverse products with regional characteristics.

* owing to  … 때문에
* flourishing 무성한, 번영하는

기사 원문:

2. Korea seeks economic normalization next year via tourism boosting, new tech

기사 요약: 정부는 '2022년 경제정책방향'를 통해 경제 정상화를 위한 노력으로 관광 업계, 그리고 신기술 분야에 힘쓸 것을 발표했다.

[1] South Korea has publicized its goals of attaining full-fledged normalization of the economy beyond the pandemic crisis in 2022, alongside taking the lead in global competition to occupy future businesses.

* attain  (보통 많은 노력 끝에) 이루다, 획득하다
* full-fledged 완전히 성장한, 자격을 제대로 갖춘

[2] Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki highlighted these dual goals during the government’s unveiling of economic policy directions for next year at the Government Complex in Seoul on Monday.

* unveiling 첫 공개, 초연, 제막

[3] In a bid to maximize the economic normalization, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has decided to carry out policies to boost private consumption -- particularly promoting the tourism sector, which was severely hit by COVID-19.

* in a bid to - 하기 위해

[4] The ministry told a briefing that the government will offer a variety of benefits to outbound travelers, which will certainly be sought in connection with the future situation of the pandemic involving quarantine.

* outbound (비행기 등이 어떤 장소에서) 떠나는 [나가는] 
* sought (필요한 것을 얻으려고) 구하다, 추구하다

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