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[GLOBAL FINANCE AWARDS] Mirae Asset Securities sets new records this year


The Mirae Asset Securities building. (Mirae Asset Securities)
The Mirae Asset Securities building. (Mirae Asset Securities)

Mirae Asset Securities, a South Korean brokerage firm, has set new records this year.

Mirae’s overseas stock and retirement pension assets each reached a record high of 20 trillion won ($16.8 billion), the brokerage firm said.

The company’s overseas stock trading volume has surged 20 times more than it was in 2017. Compared to 2020, it increased by 4.3 trillion won this year.

Investors who purchased and sold overseas stocks through the firm have enjoyed a net profit of 5 trillion won. The most popular overseas stocks were Tesla, Apple, and Microsoft.

Its overseas ETF balance stood at 17.7 trillion won and accounts for 25 percent of the total overseas stock trading volume, minus the foreign currency deposit.

Mirae Asset Securities has also drawn 20 trillion won in retirement pension assets. The firm attributed the all-time records to high profit rates of pension plans. In the third quarter this year, Individual Retirement Pension and Defined Contribution Retirement Pension funds managed by the firm recorded profit rates of 7.55 percent and 8.12 percent, respectively.

“Keeping tabs on changes in the market, we always rebalance the pension funds showing a poor long-term profit rate. Also, we offer the most effective investment strategies to our clients and give advice to change the amount of cash equivalents and funds, ETFs and Real Estate Investment Trusts they hold within their portfolios,” the company said.

The firm is also producing online content for its YouTube channel, “Smart Money.” It explains Korea’s pension scheme and shares tips for making smart investments that could be helpful in preparing for life after retirement.

Mirae Asset Securities has smashed another all-time record as well. Its equity capital logged 10 trillion won in the second quarter this year, up by 422 billion won compared to the first quarter. In the third quarter, it increased by 450 billion won.

The company says it is the first Korean brokerage to join the “10 trillion-won club.”

In an effort to secure more clients, Mirae Asset Securities plans to constantly expand its off-contact services. Its “m.Club” platform, which provides investment information based on analyzing big data, has added more services such as stock recommendations with real-time monitoring. The service has garnered over 1 million users.

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