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[Today’s K-pop] Ateez to return next month with “Turbulence”

(Credit: KQ Entertainment)
(Credit: KQ Entertainment)

Ateez announced the name of the focus track from its upcoming EP, “Zero: Fever Epilogue,” with a poster on Monday.

In the black-and-white photograph that is fashioned after a graduation picture, the bandmates stand in front of what looks like their school, a recurring setting that appeared in “Inception” from the first installment of the “Fever” series, “Zero: Fever Part 1,” which came out in July 2020.

They are wearing mortarboard hats for a school graduation, with the sashes bearing different phrases such as “Keep my conviction.” In the teaser group photo, also dropped Monday, the eight-piece act appears in gray and navy school uniforms.

The EP will be available in three versions, including a “diary” version from Dec. 10 that will include film photographs shot by the band members.

IZ*ONE's Yabuki Nako takes lead role in HKT48

(Credit: Mercury)
(Credit: Mercury)

Yabuki Nako of disbanded IZ*ONE has taken the lead role in Japanese girl group HKT48.

She is front and center in “Out of the Blue, Do Love Me!” -- a pre-release from the band’s second studio album, “Outstanding,” which will be fully unveiled Dec. 1. It has been four years since the first LP, and this one consists of as many as 31 tracks, including “Omoidenosuruniwa Mada Hayasugi,” or “It’s too early to make it into a memory,” the final song for fellow bandmate Miyawaki Sakura, who “graduated” from the group in June.

HKT48 is Yabuki’s original team, with which she debuted in 2013, and she returned to it after IZ*ONE disbanded in April. The Fukuoka, Japan-based idol group celebrated the 10th anniversary of its first theater performance Friday.

Meanwhile, rumors circulated online last week that some members of HKT48 might be bullying Yabuki for being too devoted to South Korea.

Blackpink’s Lisa sets another record with “Money” dance video

(Credit: YG Entertainment)
(Credit: YG Entertainment)

Lisa of Blackpink generated 300 million views on YouTube with a dance video for her solo song “Money” as of Monday, announced label YG Entertainment.

It took the “exclusive performance video” about 66 days after its release to reach the milestone, replacing the 76-day record set by the quartet’s “How You Like That.”

“Money” is a track from Lisa’s solo debut album, “Lalisa,” and it entered Billboard’s Hot 100 at No. 90. It hit No. 93 the following week, making Lisa the first female K-pop solo musician to stay on the chart for two weeks in a row.

In the meantime, Blackpink became the first-ever artist to have a YouTube channel with more than 70 million subscribers. The band’s channel started in June 2016 and since September this year it has boasted the highest number of subscribers, having bumped down Justin Bieber.

Stray Kids drop Christmas music

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)
(Credit: JYP Entertainment)

Stray Kids put out “Christmas EveL” on Monday to celebrate the winter holiday season with fans.

“I’m so happy that many can listen to Stray Kids’ first season song. I wish you can spend this Christmas warm with our new song,” said Bang Chan in a statement.

The bandmates spent a long time thinking about how to express the seasonal theme in an original way, especially since it is their first, admitted Changbin. The song “Christmas EveL” conveys their wish that everyone could enjoy a happy Christmas this year, said Felix, saying he hoped the music would warm up people’s spirits.

In addition to the title track, the holiday record also includes the English version of “Domino” from the band’s second full album.

Bang Chan and Felix participated in writing the English lyrics. “We wanted them to have our expansive energy and hope it can reach out to our fans,” they said.

By Hwang You-mee

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