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[Today’s K-pop] The Boyz to host concert in December

(Credit: Cre.ker Entertainment)
(Credit: Cre.ker Entertainment)

The Boyz are holding a three-day concert next month in Seoul, the band announced Tuesday.

The band will perform live in front of fans for the first time in about three years. Its last concert, “The Film Festival,” was held online in December last year.

Under the title “The B Zone,” named after the band’s official fandom, The B, the 11-member act will perform in a variety of styles. The Boyz were named Artist of the Year at the Fact Music Awards last week and thanked their fans, saying their new goal was to host an in-person concert by next year at the latest.

On Nov. 1, the band released its third single, “Maverick,” which swept charts in South Korea and topped the iTunes albums charts in seven regions.

The concert will be held Dec. 3-5 in Seoul.

Oneus unveils 6th EP

(Credit: RBW Entertainment)
(Credit: RBW Entertainment)

Boy band Oneus hosted a media showcase to promote its sixth EP, “Blood Moon,” Tuesday.

“We poured ourselves into it as we wanted to close off the year 2021 beautifully,” said Xion.

Hwanwoong emphasized how hands-on all the members had been when making the album, from choreography to writing lyrics and composing melodies, to best convey the group’s identity.

“The fact that we participated a lot in making the album in itself propelled growth. As we become more eager to produce them ourselves, the quality of our albums, I believe, is getting better,” said Ravn.

With the track “Luna,” the band seems to be expanding on the Asian concept it borrowed for “LIT,” a song from competition show “Road to Kingdom.” “LIT” was more about exploring the high spirits and glee of Korea while the new main track highlights the aesthetics, explained Keonhee. Elements of fan and mask dances were incorporated into the choreography, and the lyrics take on the form of freestyle “sijo,” or traditional Korean poems.

“The dance break part from ‘LIT’ used a red moon and the story is told in an interesting way in this album, though,” he added.

SF9 to put out 10th EP later this month

(Credit: FNC Entertainment)
(Credit: FNC Entertainment)

SF9 will come out with its 10th EP, “Rumination,” Nov. 22, announced agency FNC Entertainment on Tuesday.

A promotional poster shows one of the bandmates with his back turned and the title of the main track, “Trauma,” written on a mirror in red lipstick. The EP, a prequel to SF9’s “9lory” series, delves into the background of each member. It portrays them piecing together fragments of memories and healing each other before going forward to face the future together.

Meanwhile, the bandmates are also busy pursuing individual careers. Yoo Taeyang will participate in a street dance concert, while Chanhee has just wrapped up shooting a drama. Rowoon is starring in a period drama. Inseong is now a regular on an entertainment show, and Jaeyoon is branching into theater next month.

Jay Park to drop collab with Wiz Khalifa

(Credit: 7SIX9 Entertainment)
(Credit: 7SIX9 Entertainment)

Jay Park is teaming up with Wiz Khalifa and the two have put out a collaborative work, announced 7SIX9 Entertainment.

Park, one of the most recognized hip-hop musicians in Korea, and Grammy and Golden Globe nominee rapper/singer Khalifa from the US will join forces on the second installment of a project called “Dream-X.”

The project was launched last year to create global content. The first album from the project was “Dream-X 1st Album” by Silence Wang of China and Lenka of Australia.

The entertainment company was behind “Let’s Shut Up & Dance,” a tribute to Michael Jackson from 2019 that consisted of collaborative works by Jason Derulo, Lay Zhang and NCT127.

By Hwang You-mee

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