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LIG Nex1 showcases satellite navigation, cargo drones

(Courtesy of LIG Nex1)
(Courtesy of LIG Nex1)
  LIG Nex1 is showcasing a range of cutting-edge technologies under development, including large cargo drones powered by hydrogen fuel cells at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition, being held from Tuesday through Saturday.

  The defense company is also presenting the Korean Positioning System, a local version of the Global Positioning System, at the biennial defense exhibit at Seoul Air Base.

  The KPS, a 3.72 trillion-won ($3.15 billion) project that will run from 2022 through 2035, consists of eight satellites and is expected to serve as key infrastructure in the “fourth industrial revolution” marked by autonomous driving, urban air mobility, the internet of things and augmented reality.

  LIG Nex1 has almost completed the development of a synthetic aperture radar to be loaded on satellites, and is also developing key components and solutions for the KPS such as satellite communication terminals, electronic optical devices and infrared sensors.

  LIG Nex1 has also continued to participate in the development of 200-kilogram cargo drones powered by hydrogen fuel cells, and is seeking to enter the urban air mobility and personal air vehicle market.

  Having taken part in the development and production of multiple air defense weapon systems, LIG Nex1 plans to contribute in the development of a long-range artillery interception system as a prototype developer for the Agency for Defense Development.

  The company is also introducing the Seoul ADEX long-range air-to-ground guided weapons under development and an electronic warfare suite to be fitted on KF-21 fighters.

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