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GS Energy to import ADNOC’s blue hydrogen to South Korea

GS Energy CEO Huh Yong-soo (GS Caltex)
GS Energy CEO Huh Yong-soo (GS Caltex)
GS Energy said Monday it will bring blue hydrogen produced by Abu Dhabi National Oil Co., the United Arab Emirates’ biggest energy producer, to South Korea as part of its environmental, social and governance efforts towards creating a hydrogen economy.

According to the energy unit of South Korean conglomerate GS Group, the blue hydrogen will be extracted from natural gas in Abu Dhabi and brought to Korea in the form of ammonia. GS Energy will then use the ammonia as a fuel to generate electricity or crack it into blue hydrogen for other purposes.

“If the pilot project with ADNOC proves successful, GS Energy will consider full-fledged investments,” a GS Energy official said.

Hydrogen, though colorless, is given color labels depending on its source and production method. Blue hydrogen, though extracted from natural gas, captures carbon emitted during the process and is therefore called blue.

GS Energy is also working on a platform that exports carbon captured from blue hydrogen to overseas gas fields and buries it there.

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