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[Today’s K-pop] N.Flying rolls out repacked 1st LP

(Credit: FNC Entertainment)
(Credit: FNC Entertainment)
N.Flying held an online talk show on Wednesday to discuss their repacked first full-length album.

The bandmates reassured fans that they all are healthy and ready for the upcoming activities. All five of them returned after being infected with COVID-19 last month.

“It was (like going through) ‘turbulence’ for the members as is the name of the new album,” said Yoo Hwe-seung. He apologized for worrying many and recalled their first gathering after recovery.

As the members walked into the band room one by one, it felt like a scene from “Avengers,” he said adding that he was moved when they, as a whole, started practicing.

The repack includes three new songs, including title track “Sober,” and all are written by leader Lee Seung-hyub.

“It started as a love song,” he explained. But after he talked with the bandmates and found that they each interpreted it in different ways, he learned that it can be about braving it through when no one says you can make it, to realize one’s goals and dreams.

“It also is what N.Flying is about,” he said.

Verivery to tour US in December
(Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment)
(Credit: Jellyfish Entertainment)

Boy band Verivery will host its first US tour for three weeks in December, the band’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment said Wednesday.

Under the title “2021 Verivery 1st Tour in US,” the seven-piece act will perform in nine cities, traveling from Los Angeles to the final destination, New York.

The band debuted in 2019 with the EP “Veri-US” and has been making waves on the global stage, topping Billboard’s world digital song sales chart with “G.B.T.B” and “Get Away.”

“Trigger,” the title track from its most recent sixth EP “Series ‘O’ [Round 2: Hole]” was No. 1 on the iTunes K-pop chart in four regions and No. 4 on Billboard’s world digital song sales chart.

Former GFriend members reunite as trio 

(Credit: BPM Entertainment)
(Credit: BPM Entertainment)
Eunha, SinB and Umji of the now-disbanded six-member group GFriend is starting fresh as a trio, according to local media reports Wednesday.

Their new agency, Big Planet Made, confirmed that the three bandmates signed a contract recently and will work as a three-member act.

“I’m ready to get busy and enjoy working. Please keep up your expectations and send support,” Umji wrote in a social media post.

“It has been quite long already. I’m sorry to keep fans waiting for long and also grateful,” said Eunha, adding that she would like to repay fans’ support with good songs and performances.

SinB also shared the good news: “My heart is aflutter and I’m nervous that the moment has come to find a new nest and I get to unfold my wings.”

The three performers debuted as members of GFriend with the EP “Season of Glass” in 2015 but the six members did not renew their contract with Source Music when it expired in May.

ITZY hits career high on Billboard with 1st LP

(Credit: JYP Entertainment)
(Credit: JYP Entertainment)
ITZY entered Billboard 200 as No. 11 with its first studio album, “Crazy In Love,” according to the tally the publication announced on Tuesday in the US.

The LP came out on Sept. 24 and propelled the band’s record up from No. 148 it set with its previous EP, “Guess Who,” in April. The quintet also put its name on No. 12 on Artist 100, a significant leap up from its previous spot at No. 99.

“Our first full album entered Billboard 200. We’ve put a lot of effort in the album but this makes it feel more special, and we’re sincerely grateful to Midzy who sent their love and support and made this possible,” the group said in a statement after hearing the news. Midzy is the name of its official fandom.

ITZY made it onto 12 Billboard charts in total with the LP and title track “Loco.” The LP landed atop iTunes albums chart in 15 regions and sold approximately 251,000 copies in the first week of release, the fourth-most for a female band. 

By Hwang You-mee

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