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Woodz makes autumn the season of love with ‘Only Lovers Left’

Singer Woodz performs his new song, “Waiting,” during an online press conference Tuesday. (Yuehua Entertainment)
Singer Woodz performs his new song, “Waiting,” during an online press conference Tuesday. (Yuehua Entertainment)

As the fall foliage is imminent in South Korea, singer Woodz welcomed the golden-orange landscape of October with his warm glow of love.

Cho Seung-young, better known by his stage name Woodz, is back with another love song. The singer-songwriter returned after nearly seven months with his third EP, “Only Lovers Left,” which was released Tuesday evening.

The six-song package is an album that talks about “emotions of love.” It’s all about being head-over-heels in love, whispering sweet nothings and how happiness grows in such a relationship, but the love is interrupted later due to feelings of change and betrayal, not being able to rekindle the romance, the singer said in an online press conference Tuesday.

Before splashing onto the music scene as Woodz, the idol participated in Mnet’s “Produce X 101” and debuted with boy band X1. But little did fans and music listeners know that the multitalented artist could produce his own songs. Adding to the excitement, the singer once again listed himself as a lyricist and composer for all six tracks on the album.

Lead track “Waiting” is a song that wraps up a love story that ends in absolute tragedy. The music talks about how he knows the relationship is coming to an end but can’t accept the breakup. Woodz said he blended in groovy rhythms to express his sadness and obsession in his new song. 

(Yuehua Entertainment)
(Yuehua Entertainment)

When asked what inspires him, the artist said the little things in life trigger his curiosity. “After I released my previous album, I thought of taking a rest from music and started kickboxing as a hobby, although I’ve been there once. But I couldn‘t rest properly because every object and my surroundings kept on giving me new inspirations,” Woodz said.

The multifaceted musician also likened his other lead song, “Kiss of Fire,” to burning for someone’s love. He added that his emotions become stronger at the end of the song with the heavy string sounds, which are worth a listen for music lovers.

Apart from the two lead tracks, “Multiply” talks about multiplying love and taking it to the depths, and the lyrics and melody to “Thinking Bout You” constantly remind one of their lover. Woods also likened his self-love song “Sour Candy” to sweetness, and said “Chaser” is where the relationship is on the rocks and heads toward its closing chapter.

He also spoke about how his goal is what he is willing to show to music listeners through his latest print. This time, Woodz revealed his ambition is to go global, which is why he wrote three songs with English lyrics, including “Kiss of Fire.”

“I’ve always thought of becoming a global singer, which is why I peppered my album with Korean and English songs,” he said. He added that if South Korea loosens its coronavirus restrictions, he would love to make more memories with fans in and out of the country and cross borders for concerts.

Woodz also said he would be more than happy if his fans and listeners around the globe enjoyed his album because he specially added several English tracks.

On closing the event, the singer described himself as a “singer that doesn’t settle for second best, but a musician that tries to reach higher and better.”

The singer-songwriter said he has more than one charm tailored to him, describing his musical journey as “getting closer to my destination by gradually walking toward it.” The singer said he tries to endeavor new music and genres because he wants to show new sides to fans and the public.

The six-song package that talks about emotions of love and sorrow was released at 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

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