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StayC hopes to break cliches through ‘Stereotype’

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Sept. 6, 2021 - 19:03

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Girl group StayC poses during an online press conference Monday. (High Up Entertainment) Girl group StayC poses during an online press conference Monday. (High Up Entertainment)
StayC returned in nearly five months since they rose to fame with their second single album, “Staydom.” The up-and-coming K-pop rookie act dropped their first EP, “Stereotype,” on Monday evening, in a bid to launch their new songs onto the September music charts.

Perky yet mature, the sextet aimed to take another fresh approach to the “teen fresh” genre, a coined term of “teenager” and “fresh,” which represents their unique identity in the music scene, the band said during an online press conference held Monday.

“The title track ‘Stereotype’ is a song that continues our teen fresh image and features the group’s teenage-like images and elegance,” the group said when asked to describe their latest print. Se-eun surprised fans by talking about how the music was composed two years ago when the company decided on the debut team for the group. “The song has finally been released after years of waiting,” she said.

The vocalist said fans would be able to see the band’s various charms as their stage presence and vocals have gotten stronger over the two years. 

(High Up Entertainment) (High Up Entertainment)
Yoon said “fans should be excited about the unexpected” in their latest release.

The rapper said that if fans look closely at the group’s outfits and makeup, they can see a minor tweak to their usual style.

”Our left side of the face is fancier with glitters on, whereas our right side is less colorful to show our inner side,“ Yoon said.

StayC forayed into the K-pop music industry with the ambition to become the next A-listers leading the younger generation, as their name ”star to a young culture“ suggests. Isa talked about how the group could be represented by a diverse range of words and that their album centers on positivity.

But the main dancer also opened up about not being able to think outside the box.

”I think I used to keep to one direction and was narrow-minded because I thought only certain clothes, colors and fashion styles suited me. But I came to realized how shallow I was,“ she said, adding that she is now open to trying new things.

The main message behind the song is to not “judge people based on their looks, but try to appreciate their inside,“ the lead rapper said. Instead of judging a book by its cover, the group speaks about how people have various colors and elements that make who they are today.

Apart from the main song, main vocalist Si-eun highlighted the three other remaining tracks: ”I’ll be there,“ which speaks about the pain of a breakup, ”Slow Down,“ a piece of tropical house music and ”Complex,“ a song that blends groovy beats with catchy melodies.

When asked about what they wish to achieve through their album, the girls said they want to meet fans across the globe in person and hold live concerts. The six-piece act made its debut during the pandemic, where crossing borders for meet-and-greets with global fans and concerts became a distant dream.

The funky yet ethereal four-track package was released at 6 p.m. on Monday.