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Man who ran away after removing ankle bracelet confesses to killing 2 women

Ankle monitor (Yonhap)
Ankle monitor (Yonhap)
A man, who had cut off his monitoring ankle bracelet and took off, turned himself in to police and said he killed two women, police said.

Songpa Police Station arrested the 56-year-old man, surnamed Kang, on Sunday for ripping off the electronic device and allegedly murdering two -- one before he ran off and the other while he was on the run.

The man turned himself over to police at around 8 a.m. Sunday, reportedly saying he feared being arrested soon for his crimes.

Police had been chasing him since Friday, when he ran away.

The police found the victims' bodies at the man's house and in his car. The two women, in their 40s and 50s, respectively, are said to have known the man.

The man was set free in May, wearing the electronic ankle monitor, after serving 15 years in prison over his 2005 conviction for robbery and sexual assault, crimes he committed only five months after his release from prison for similar crimes, according to the police.

The police said he had 14 previous convictions, mostly for robbery and sexual crimes. He was under supervision by the probation office as he was considered at high risk for recidivism. (Yonhap)