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CCF 2021 to discuss culture, fairness and communication in pandemic

Some 20 key figures in the cultural and creative industries to bring up cultural communication agendas at this year’s CCF

Poster for 2021 Culture Communication Forum (CICI)
Poster for 2021 Culture Communication Forum (CICI)
The Corea Image Communication Institute will jointly host the 2021 Culture Communication Forum with the Culture Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in aims to bolster communication on culture and fairness amidst the pandemic era.

The two-day session starting Aug. 31 will hold live online presentations of cultural leaders across the globe, followed by discussion sessions with on-site guests expected to gather at the Grand Hyatt Seoul in Yongsan, central Seoul.

Under the theme, “cultural communication as a way to share core values of the international community,” cultural leaders from the Americas and European regions will meet with those residing in Korea to seek out ways to overcome difficulties faced by the pandemic, applying communication strategies involving three keywords -- culture, fairness and communication.

The congratulatory remarks will be issued by Cedric O, French secretary of state for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications, and Delphine O, secretary general of the Generation Equality Forum 2021, is expected to deliver a keynote speech.

Lee Kwang-hyung, president of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and Song Seung-hwan, director of PMC production, who directed the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Ceremonies, will be joining the forum, along with many other key figures acting as leading players in the field of culture.

Dinesh Patnaik, the head of Indian Council for Cultural Relations will be closing the forum on Sept.1.

With hopes to bring together cultural leaders from around the globe, the CICI took the initiative in hosting the “C20” cultural event on September 2010, two months prior to the 2010 G20 Summit in Seoul. The success of the event worked as the pillar for establishing the Culture Communication Forum from 2011, which is now hosted annually each summer.

Highlights of the forum will be available over the next month on several YouTube channels: Koreanet, hosted by the Korean Culture and Information Service, MOFA_Koreaz, by the Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and President of CICI Choi Jung-hwa’s Choi JW Rendez-vous.

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