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[Newsmaker] Military general arrested over sexual harassment allegations

Ministry of National Defense (Yonhap)
Ministry of National Defense (Yonhap)

An Army general was arrested on charges of sexually molesting a female subordinate, officials said Tuesday, in yet another sex crime in barracks following the suicide death of an Air Force sexual abuse victim.

The brigadier general was relieved of his duties and arrested after the subordinate reported her suffering to the authorities, according to the officials.

"An investigation is under way. We will thoroughly look into the case and take corresponding measures," defense ministry spokesman Boo Seung-chan told a regular press briefing, adding that "all legal and institutional support" will be provided to help the victim return to normal life as soon as possible. 

The incident comes as a surprise as the military is still reeling from the death of an Air Force master sergeant, surnamed Lee, who took her own life in May three months after she was allegedly groped and suffered other abuse by a colleague of the same rank.

An extensive investigation is under way over allegations Air Force officials tried to cover up the case without giving proper help to the victim.

In the face of simmering criticism over the military's failure to protect Lee, the ministry launched a special reporting period to find and protect other sexual abuse victims and handed over some 20 cases to investigators for further probes. (Yonhap)


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