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[팟캐스트] (386) 영업금지 조치 피해로 정부 상대 손해배상청구 낸다는 카페 사장들 / 혐한 발언 이후 계속 이어지는 DHC 보이콧

By Korea Herald

Published : Jan. 13, 2021 - 14:52

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진행자: 임현수, Paul Kerry

1. Small businesses continue to oppose ‘unreasonable’ social distancing rules

[1] Small-business owners are taking legal action against the government, calling the social distancing rules unfair and saying the restrictions have greatly diminished their chances of economic survival.

*take legal action: 기소하다
*diminish: 사라지다

[2] On Monday, a group representing coffee shop owners in South Korea announced that around 200 of its members would lodge a suit against the government later this week demanding compensation for business lost as a result of the government’ social distancing rules.

*lodge: 꽂다, 소송을 걸다

[3] In the suit, to be filed with the Seoul Central District Court on Thursday, the group said it would demand around 1 billion won ($908,638), or 5 million won for each cafe owner involved.

*demand: 요구

[4] Since late November, when Level 2 social distancing rules were imposed in Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi Province, coffee shops in the capital region have been barred from providing dine-in services.

*be barred from: ~부터 제외되다


2. Retailers urged to cut ties with Japan beauty firm DHC over racism scandal

[1] Retailers around the world including Target and Superdrug face pressure to cut ties with DHC as the Japanese cosmetics company refuses to apologize for its CEO’s racially discriminatory remarks against Koreans.

*face pressure:
*cut ties with: 인연은 끊다

[2] Activists have launched a campaign to boycott DHC products after CEO Yoshiaki Yoshida’s use of the term “Chon” -- a racial slur for Koreans -- came to light earlier this month.

*racial slur: 인종차별적 비방

[3] “By selling DHC products, they are supporting the business of an openly racist company,” Tommy Hasegawa, the leader of student-led anti-discrimination group Moving Beyond Hate, told The Korea Herald.

*student-led: 학생들이 주도한

[4] Moving Beyond Hate is among the activists urging corporations to cut ties with the cosmetics brand.

[5] “Companies in the US and UK that sell DHC products and engage in any form of business with DHC should cut ties with them since this clearly violates the principles held by many of these companies, that they will not engage in business that is discriminatory or infringes human rights,” Hasegawa said.

*principles: 원칙
*infringe or infringe upon: 위반하다, 침해하는


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