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LG Display to recast display in contactless new norm at CES 2021

By Lim Jeong-yeo

Published : Jan. 7, 2021 - 16:28

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LG Display will shine a light on the role of displays in the post-COVID-19 contactless society at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show 2021, set to take place from Monday, the company said Thursday.

The three key messages the company wants to convey this year are “Natural Reality,” “Lifestyle in Harmony” and “Better for People” -- with an overarching theme that displays brings the real world to those in front of them.

LG Display’s display solutions encompass a variety of environments such as smart homes, games, restaurants, retail and more. For the virtual edition of CES 2021, LG Display will prepare 11 experience zones at its facility in Magok, Seoul. Those interested can visit them online.

Through the exhibition, LG Display will emphasize the superior viewing experience of organic light-emitting diode displays that can reproduce videos as realistically as they were filmed.

The company will also suggest diverse solutions to enhance people’s daily lives through appropriate uses of the displays, such as by taking an embellished role in personal health care.

LG Display will showcase the 88-inch 8K Cinematic Sound OLED, 77-inch “Wallpaper” OLED and more to illustrate the products’ forte in delivering natural reality to viewers.

As OLEDs are organically light-emitting displays, where each pixel emanates light by itself without the conventional help of the backlight, they are able to show unexaggerated, realistic colors from nature as human eyes would naturally see, LG Display said.

Without artificial LED lighting, OLEDs can express deep blacks accurately. The display can offer a vibrant palette of colors and is the most advanced form of display possible today, according to LG Display. LG Display will also bring out in-plane switching liquid-crystal displays for 15.6-inch, 27-inch and 31.5-inch laptop and computer monitors.

Displays have grown to take a prevalent presence in the modern world, and LG Display will underline that at its 11 experience zones.

At the smart home zone will be a 55-inch transparent OLED attached to a bed frame. While laying down in bed users will be able to check the day’s weather and watch movies.

At the game zone will be LG Display‘s new 48-inch bendable “CSO” that stays flat for watching TV but bends into a curved display for gaming. As a cinematic sound OLED, the CSO emits sound from the display itself without any built-in speakers. This allows a frontal projection of the sound, adding to an immersive gaming experience, LG Display said.

At the restaurant zone will be a totally new display concept adaptive to the times of COVID-19 -- a transparent OLED acting as an interactive partition between the chef and the diner at a sushi bar.

A 55-inch see-through OLED doubles as a hygienic barrier and a menu board. Coupled with a 23.1-inch in-touch display, diners can order their food via the OLED display.

At the retail zone will be 29-inch and 23.1-inch in-touch products for consumers to browse products, place orders and make payments.

As much as the use of displays permeates modern life, it is important that the screens are easy on the eyes, according to LG Display.

With more people staring at displays for entertainment and education than ever due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, LG Display wants to stress that OLEDs are the best solution in the new normal.

International product safety gatekeepers TUV Rheinland of Germany and Underwriters Laboratories of the US have acknowledged OLEDs as having low blue light emissions and being flicker-free, meaning they are better for ocular health than their predecessors.

All of LG Display’s products at CES 2021 are accessible not only for business partners but also for general consumers. Departing from its business-to-business marketing strategy, LG Display for the first time this year will open up to a larger audience as part of its bid to discover new business opportunities and tie open innovation with ventures and startups.

LG Display’s exhibition halls are virtually open to everyone at and from Jan. 11-14.

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