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Military to add variety to menus at barracks next year

Service members distributing meals at barrack (Yonhap)
Service members distributing meals at barrack (Yonhap)
Service members will be able to enjoy new menu items and diverse foods, such as hamburgers from famous burger chains and salmon, at barracks next year.

According to the defense ministry's new guidelines on military meals for 2021, two dozen new menu items will be added to a list of foods served, which ranges from chicken gangjeong, or sweet and sour fried chicken, and hamburg steaks to mullet fish and celery.

Service members can also enjoy a hamburger from burger chains once a month, the ministry said. Currently, they only have "military burgers" made by their colleagues.

Diverse seasonings and instant soups will also be provided in a move to improve the taste of military meals, according to the ministry.

The military will also offer lactose-free milk on a trial base, as well as a vegan diet for vegetarian and Muslim members.

The budget for meals per person per day will be increased 3.5 percent on-year in 2021 to 8,790 won ($8.03), and around 1.6 trillion won was earmarked for next year, according to the ministry.

"We will continue to introduce new menus and improve the meal service system to better cater to young service members and enhance their health," a ministry official said. (Yonhap)