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[Herald Interview] How WEi’s musical talent shapes teamwork

When it comes to K-pop career, WEi is no stranger to spotlight, even though it debuted as a group just last month.

Consisting of Jang Dae-hyeon, Kim Dong-han, Kim Yo-han, Yoo Yong-ha, Kim Jun-seo and Kang Seok-hwa, the six-piece group debuted under Oui Entertainment on Oct. 5 with its debut EP “Identity: First Sight,” featuring lead single “Twilight.” The group just made its first step, but the footprints of the bandmates are everywhere in the K-pop industry. Both Daehyun and Donghan had promoted as soloists and in a group -- called Rainz and JBJ, respectively. Yohan and Seokhwa competed in Mnet’s idol competition show “Produce X 101,” while Kim, the show’s top winner, had sung with now-defunct boy band X1.

Youngha and Junseo were also contestants of MBC survival show “Under Nineteen.” 

WEi (Oui Entertainment)
WEi (Oui Entertainment)
With profound showbiz experience under their belt, the boys talked how their individual talents complemented each other and blended perfectly to create a standout synergy.

“In our team, Daehyun takes the helm of producing songs for us, while Donghan crafts choreography. Other bandmates also participate in the overall creative process to add their voices,” said Seokhwa during a recent interview with The Korea Herald in Seoul. “Since all of us were promoting separately, we didn’t have enough time to get together and practice when our debut was decided. But we got in sync quite easily, probably because all of us were already familiar with the industry,” he added.

The bandmates went onto share how the band’s main talents characterized their teamwork. Daehyun, who contributes lyrics to all five songs on the album and helped compose the bombastic dance track “Fuze,” said he preferred to push the band’s musical abilities to their limit.

“Whenever we showcase ‘Fuze’ on stage, my bandmates stare at me and jokingly ask as they pant, ‘Who made this song so difficult?” said Daehyun, referring to the song’s level of difficulty. “When I make songs, I’d like to show my confidence, which often translates into skillful verses and melodies that require techniques.”

Donghan, the band’s choreographer, chimed in and said, “If he takes the song to a higher level, I inevitably have to make its choreography more difficult.”

Yohan added, “Donghan is really good at creating dance movements that are faithful to the lyrics. I hope people can pick up on the details of our choreography, such as when we express ‘bluetooth’ with our hands during the verse ‘I will tell you all of my heart, Bluetooth’ from ‘Twilight.’” Placing their trust in these two, the boys also jokingly asked Daehyun and Donghan to create a carol in time for winter.

Continuing on the sidetracks, Yohan said that “Doremifa,” an ear-pleasing upbeat love song where he participated as a lyricist along with Daehyun, was reborn after Daehyun made some personal touch on the original version. Donghan also revealed that he and Junseo created a choreography for track titled “Hug You,” which the act plans to showcase for the first time at the group’s fan event.

Asked if they remember the very first time all six of them got together, the bandmates took some time to trace back the memory. Yohan finally recalled, “I got it! It was when we gathered to practice EXO’s ‘Love Shot.’ Since all of us were busy, it was difficult to arrange the time.”

He continued, “It was just our casual gig which we had no intention to perform on stage, but later, we got to upload it on YouTube and even perform it at KCON.”

Reminiscing the band’s pre-debut days, he added, “If we ever have an opportunity, I’d like to complete covering BTS’ ‘Spring Days,’ which we’d stopped in the middle because of the debut. It would be so much fun.”

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