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Mukbang star Tzuyang returns with two videos after a 2-month break

A new video of Tzuyang shows her eating 16 meters of cow intestine (YouTube)
A new video of Tzuyang shows her eating 16 meters of cow intestine (YouTube)
Popular mukbang, or “eating show,” YouTuber Tzuyang uploaded videos on Friday and Sunday, the first of 10 promised while announcing her retirement in August.

The videos titled “Yokji Island 1” and “Yokji Island 2” showed Tzuyang, who has 2.64 million subscribers, eating large portions of ramen, kimbap and cow intestine at Yokjido, South Gyeongsang Province. Known for her big appetite, Tzuyang ate 9.4 kg of cow intestine in the second video and said that she should have gotten an extra serving.

“Hello, It’s been a long time. I decided to upload the videos from Yokji Island that were filmed back in July. I contemplated a lot about whether I should upload these videos or not,” she said on the video. “After many thoughts, I really wanted to upload these videos from Yokji Island.”

The pre-recorded videos did not signal that Tzuyang would be coming back from retirement. She had said at the time that she wanted to upload the 10 videos of her at Yokjido in the future as she had put in much effort into making them.

On Aug. 6, Tzuyang announced that she would retire and never broadcast again. Five days later, she deleted all her videos.

“In the past, when I was broadcasting alone, I was ignorant and did not follow the Act on Fair Labeling and Advertising. But afterward I obeyed (the law),” said Tzuyang at the time. “I am tired of people commenting and spreading false information in comments like ‘she’s been secretly advertising all along’ or ‘this is definitely advertising’ instead of criticizing my actions.”

Although Tzuyang made it clear that she was not retiring because of back advertising, some television broadcasters had reported that she was retiring from broadcasting as an apology.

As one of the most popular broadcasters on Afreeca, Tzuyang won the grand prize in mukbang in the 2019 AfreecaTV BJ Awards.

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