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OB releases series of goods to drive up beer sales

(Oriental Brewery)
(Oriental Brewery)
Oriental Brewery has released a series of goods for beer brands OB Lager, Stella Artois and Budweiser to drive up sales, as interest in drinking-related items grows amid the current pandemic.

The brewing company launched an online store dedicated to goods inspired by its long-running mascot Lala Bear last month, including a glass set, a coaster set and a tube-type ice bucket.

Stella, a Belgian beer sold by OB, has released a camphor cutting board that can also be used as a plate, while Budweiser has released a camping grill package designed to barbecue.

The series of new releases comes as more people now drink at home or outside amid the COVID-19 pandemic and as creating an atmosphere where drinks can be enjoyed has become more important, one official at the company explained.

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