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Bentley Motors Korea unveils revamped Flying Spur V8 in Korea

Bentley Motors Flying Spur V8 (Bentley Motors Korea)
Bentley Motors Flying Spur V8 (Bentley Motors Korea)

Bentley Motors Korea unveiled Wednesday the revamped luxury sports sedan Flying Spur with the popular V8 powertrain, for the first time in South Korea.

In a media preview event held at a hotel in Gangnam, southern Seoul on Oct. 8, the head of Bentley Motors Korea Warren Clarke presented the Flying Spur V8 and also revealed the company’s brand strategy for the upcoming years.

Prior to the global launch this week, Bentley Motors Korea ran a private preview event to allow a peek for prospective customers in South Korea, starting from May 4 and running until Tuesday.

During the 150-day private preview event here, 260 teams of prospective buyers visited, and 180 preorders were made, the company explained.

“The sedan is the biggest segment in the Korean automotive market. Having received 180 preorders, we believe that this is the clear evidence is that Bentley is leading the Korean luxury automotive market,” Clarke said during the media event.

“With the Flying Spur V8 launch, in 2021, we expect a record-high year for Bentley.”

Interior of Flying Spur V8 (Bentley Motors Korea)
Interior of Flying Spur V8 (Bentley Motors Korea)
Flying Spur V8 (Bentley Motors Korea)
Flying Spur V8 (Bentley Motors Korea)

South Korea is among the early countries to receive the new Flying Spur V8, and delivery in Korea will start early next year, Clarke added.

The new Flying Spur V8 has been enhanced, not only in its technological functions and performance, but also in its design, the company noted.

The cut-crystal effect LED matrix headlamps and the rear lamps incorporating B motifs, revealed in the preview event, surely highlighted the identity and prowess of Flying Spur V8 as a luxurious sedan.

The Flying Spur V8 being released in the Korean market is equipped with a 4.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine, that can exert up to 550 horsepower and a maximum torque of 78.5 kilograms per meter.

The new V8 is 100 kilograms lighter than the W12 version introduced to the South Korean market last year.

The 0-100 kilometers per hour time for the Flying Spur V8 is 4.1 seconds, and the vehicle‘s maximum speed reaches 318 kilometers per hour, the company explained.

The new model has adopted various technological functions as standard, including the electric all wheel steering function, a 48-volt electric active anti-roll technology and a better air suspension that involves a 3-chamber air spring, Bentley Motors Korea said.

This allows diverse driving experiences, from a luxury limousine ride to the performance of a sports sedan, the company said.

Driving assistance programs, such as Adaptvie Cruise Control, headup display and lane assistant functions are also included as standard for all trims.

Inside, the 3-way rotating display that includes a 12.3-inch digital touch screen, classic analogue dials and the sleek veneer that matches the dashboard panel.

Along with the Flying Spur V8, a facelifted Bentayga will also be introduced in Korea next year, the Bentley Motors Korea chief revealed.

“With these models, we are expecting sales to exceed the previous record of 2015, 395 cars,” Clarke said.

Globally, the automaker anticipates for sales of around 14,000 units, and in Korea, the company is aiming for 500 units in 2021, Clarke added.

This year, the company has sold 11,000 cars globally. In Korea, the company said it anticipates sales to reach around 290 units by the end of this year. As of September, the company said it sold 213 units here.

South Korea stands as the sixth largest market for Bentley, after US, China, UK, Germany and Japan, and the aim is to raise South Korea up a notch in the ranks, Clarke said.

Offered in two trims, the price of the Flying Spur V8 Classic trim is 320 million won, and the Sports trim is 323 million won, the company said.

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