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Renault Samsung’s XM3 appeals to younger buyers

Renault Samsung Motors’ XM3 (Renault Samsung)
Renault Samsung Motors’ XM3 (Renault Samsung)

Renault Samsung Motors’ compact sport utility vehicle XM3 is gaining praise from young consumers for its unique design, according to market watchers.

The XM3 reportedly sold 10,000 units in just 49 days after its release in March, a record for the company.

The compact SUV sold over 5,000 units monthly for four consecutive months following its launch, accumulating sales of 24,161 units as of July -- the highest figure in four months, in the domestic compact SUV market.

The vehicle’s unique exterior design was a key factor that attracted customers.

The XM3 combines the design of a sedan and a premium SUV along with a coupe rear roof. Its competitive pricing also made it an attractive choice for customers in their 20s and 30s, who comprised almost half of total consumers.

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