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US sends surveillance plane to air base in Japan: aviation tracker

(Air Force of the United States-Yonhap)
(Air Force of the United States-Yonhap)

The United States has deployed a surveillance aircraft to one of its air bases in Japan, an aviation tracker has said, for a possible mission near the Korean Peninsula.

An RC-135S Cobra Ball plane departed Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska for Kadena Air Base in Japan's Okinawa, Aircraft Spots said in a Twitter post Sunday, without elaborating on the exact time of its flight.

On Saturday, the aviation tracker said RC-135U Combat Sent departed the Kadena base for a mission in the East Sea.

The US Air Force's E-8C Joint Stars was also deployed to Kadena on Saturday and was spotted flying over Tokyo early Monday, according to another aviation tracker, No Callsign.

The reconnaissance planes have been frequently spotted near the Korean Peninsula in recent months amid North Korea's tension-heightening moves in anger over anti-Pyongyang leaflets sent across the border by defectors here. (Yonhap)