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Jang Sung-kyu releases song ‘Workman’ to support job seekers

Album cover of Jang Sung-kyu’s song “Workman” (JTBC Studios)
Album cover of Jang Sung-kyu’s song “Workman” (JTBC Studios)

Celebrity Jang Sung-kyu released his latest song “Workman” featuring Jay Park and Sik-K on Wednesday.

The making of the song was shown through a video that was uploaded on his popular YouTube channel Workman on June 24. In his channel that has over 3 million subscribers, Jang introduces and shares his experience with different jobs, ranging from working in an aquarium to a construction site.

“All the proceeds will be donated to financially support industrial accident workers and improve ways workers are treated. Make it No. 1,” posted Jang on Instagram following the song’s release.

While Sik-K, who started his mandatory military service on Monday, and producers Groovy Room were to help make the song, Jay Park, head of H1ghr Music, joined as well along with actress Park Joo-hyun who appears in the music video.

Some of the lyrics to the song were provided by noncelebrities who appeared in “Workman” videos in the past.

Although the song barely made the music charts as its release coincided with the release of Zico’s new song “Summer Hate,” it has more views than Zico’s as of Thursday afternoon. A behind-the-scenes video has been uploaded as well.

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