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[Best Brand] Coway water purifier changes kitchen culture


Coway’s P-150N water purifier has steadily changed Korean kitchen culture since its launch in 2010, offering ease of use and high space-efficiency.

The flagship Coway built-in water purifier P-150N is designed to reflect the lifestyles of consumers who want spacious kitchens. It is easy to place even in a small space by applying a slim 15-centimeter-wide design.

The body is installed under a sink or an island table and only the faucet that water comes out of is exposed to the outside to maximize space utilization.

Users can drink purified water conveniently through a dedicated faucet on the sink. Clean water can be immediately used in the sink, so it can be used for washing vegetables, fruits and rice in addition to drinking.

The built-in water purifier has recently gained positive responses as more single-person households and smaller families are interested in interior design or prefer small rooms.

Last year, domestic sales of the product increased by about 25 percent and sales in the first half of this year also continued to rise by about 10 percent year-on-year.

Coway sold more than 250,000 water purifiers in 10 years worldwide. It has shipped to 10 countries, including China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Thailand, Dominica, Iran, Taiwan and Germany. The US is the biggest market, with 25 percent of sales, followed by Spain.