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[Best Brand] Pampers appeals to parents with quality, consumer campaigns

Pampers Baby Dry Pants (P&G)
Pampers Baby Dry Pants (P&G)


Consumer goods manufacturer Proctor & Gamble’s baby and toddler brand Pampers has been the most preferred diaper brand among mothers in 130 countries for decades.

Pampers first hit the market in 1961, after a P&G engineer Victor Mills looked into the practicality of making a better diaper for his newborn grandchild by changing the cloth diaper into a disposable one.

Since then, some 3 million diapers are tested at Pampers annually to offer customers the best quality product.

After launching the upgraded Baby Dry Pants in South Korea last year, Pampers introduced the brand’s first summer-season diaper pants in April, pulling up the brand’s market share in the local market dramatically in the first quarter this year, according to a marking research firm Kantar.

In the local market, Pampers products including Baby Dry Pants which offers extra absorbency, Swaddler that has blanket-like softness and Cruisers which features adjustable fit with three layers of protection, are available.

The practicality of Pampers products and the brand’s consumer campaign towards supporting sustainable society and environment have also captivated the hearts of South Korean consumers.

Amid the latest COVID-19 outbreak, Pampers conducted a campaign to support parents’ care for their babies at home. The brand has been also donating diapers to babies in single-parent households.

All Pampers products are manufactured at facilities where 100 percent renewable energy sources are used, targeting to produce zero waste during the production to reduce carbon emissions. All Pampers products are wrapped in recyclable materials.