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Samyang Foods rolls out Buldak character goods

Hochi emoticon released on mobile chat app Line (Samyang Foods)
Hochi emoticon released on mobile chat app Line (Samyang Foods)

Samyang Foods said Wednesday that it is rolling out various character goods to promote its Buldak Spicy Chicken noodle character Hochi.

According to the company, it recently launched a Hochi emoticon for the mobile messenger service Line, for users in both South Korea and Japan. The emoticon is designed to encapsulate 40 expressions frequently used on the mobile chat app, represented by Hochi.

The company, which makes the globally popular Buldak Spicy Chicken noodles, said it also launched six Buldak-themed goods on its official online mall, the Samyang Delicious Shop. The goods include notes, erasers and a Hochi 2080 toothpaste that was produced in collaboration with lifestyle brand Aekyung Industrial. A 10 percent discount is offered on all items.

Samyang said it was the first time it was selling Hochi goods on the Samyang Delicious Shop, and that it would expand the character goods.

The food company introduced Hochi to represent the Buldak line of products in 2014, using the chicken character on the product package.

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