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Samsung's compensation for victims of work-related diseases exceeds W14b


Samsung Electronics Co. has so far compensated hundreds of victims of work-related diseases more than 14 billion won ($11.6 million), a special committee dedicated to support such workers said Friday.

Samsung's independent compensation committee said it has completed application reviews for 458 cases, or 92 percent of the total compensation cases submitted through last month.

Of them, 400 cases were eligible for compensation, and Samsung paid 14.2 billion won to the victims, it said.

In 2018, the world's largest memory chip maker agreed to compensate all victims of work related-diseases through 2028, ending a long-standing dispute that lasted for more than a decade.

All incumbent or former workers of Samsung and its subcontractors, who have served at the company's chip and LCD production lines in South Korea since 1984, are eligible to apply for compensation.

Of the completed compensation cases, 71 percent were those who worked at the company's chip production lines, while 22 percent were workers who were employed at the company's LCD manufacturing facilities. (Yonhap)