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Koreans can send more masks to family abroad


South Koreans can send more face masks to family members residing abroad, a government agency said Monday, announcing changes to the country’s mask rationing system.

Koreans have been given the green light to send up to 36 masks to each family member per parcel every three months, according to the Korea Customs Service. The previous limit was 24.

Under the mask rationing system, Koreans can now purchase three masks per week at a fixed price of 1,500 won each.

“You can access information on the number of face masks that can be mailed and the range of those acknowledged as family via the Korea Customs Service, Korea Post and UPS websites,” the agency said.

Foreigners residing overseas who are married to Koreans are also eligible to receive face masks from Korea, it added.

A total of 2.2 million protective masks were sent via international mail from March 24 to May 12, according to the Korea Customs Service.

By Kim Bo-gyung (