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World’s first hydrogen mobility show to kick off in Seoul in July

Seoul will hold the world’s first hydrogen mobility exhibition called 2020 H2 Mobility+ Energy Show on July 1, to take the lead in the future’s core energy business, according to the event organizer Thursday. 

Due to the latest outbreak of COVID-19, the opening of the hydrogen mobility exhibition was discussed by organizing committee members, but they decided to proceed with the plan, the organizer said. 

The exhibition had earlier been delayed from March 18 due to the widespread of COVID-19 in the country. 

According to the organizing committee, considering the current economic situation, the hydrogen mobility exhibition will work as a catalyst to revitalizing the country’s economy. 

The exhibition is in line with the government’s “hydrogen economy roadmap” to foster hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and other hydrogen-related businesses as future growth drivers, an official from the organizing committee said.

During the three-day event, the state-run hydrogen economy committee will hold a meeting. International hydrogen forum, hydrogen business development forum and hydrogen mobility supporters’ kick-off ceremony will be also held. 

The H2 Mobility+ Energy Show 2020 is the first exhibition and conference for the hydrogen industry in Korea that will be jointly hosted by Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, H2 Korea and the Hydrogen Energy Network.

By Kim Da-sol (
Korea Herald Youtube