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Retailers roll out Family Month promotions

7-Eleven rolls out 50 new gift sets marking family month, May. (Seven Eleven)
7-Eleven rolls out 50 new gift sets marking family month, May. (Seven Eleven)

After COVID-19 dampened consumer sentiment for the first quarter, retailers are pinning their hopes on Family Month and are rolling out various promotions to get consumers to open their wallets in May.

May is usually a good month for the retail industry because of three holidays that tend to increase consumer spending on gifts for loved ones and teachers.

Tuesday is Children’s Day, Friday is Parents’ Day and Teachers’ Day is May 15.

To ease the burden on consumers amid the dire economic situation the outbreak has caused, retailers are offering various events and discounts.

Lotte Food Mall, an online retail arm operated by Lotte, said Monday that it would offer a special price promotion in May, with discounts of up to 50 percent on popular food gifts.

Using the slogan “Always thankful to you” in Korean, the retailer is offering 30 percent off Pasteur Bareun Mokjang brand milk on Monday and Tuesday to mark Children’s Day. All its ice cream products are 10 percent off during the promotion period.

For Parents’ Day, the outlet is offering Pasteur probiotics products at a 30 percent discount on Thursday and Friday. A soy milk product said to have health benefits is 20 percent cheaper on May 14 and 15 to mark Teachers’ Day. 

Lotte Food Mall ups promotion marking family month in May. (Lotte Food)
Lotte Food Mall ups promotion marking family month in May. (Lotte Food)

“We are presenting the discount event so that customers can deliver their gratitude to their loved ones during Family Month,” a Lotte Food official said.

The 7-Eleven convenience store chain is releasing 50 gift sets to celebrate Family Month, including carnation bouquets and functional food gift sets from CheongKwanJang, a red ginseng brand from the Korea Ginseng Corp.

These gift sets are designed as delivery products and can be ordered from 7-Eleven convenience stores, the company said.

Board games and toys, such as Rummikub Classic and Blue Marble, are also available from the convenience store chain for Children’s Day, the company said.

Some companies are also making donations to support the less privileged during the month.

The Eland Welfare Foundation and Elandeats, the charity and food affiliates of Eland Group, are running their “Share Dining Table” campaign starting Monday.

The retailer will donate part of the revenue from the sales of its Ashley Chefbox line of packaged meals to foster homes and low-income multicultural families.

Haimarrow Food Service, which operates burger chain Mom’s Touch, is donating 6,000 packaged Mom’s Touch meals to charity to be distributed to 2,800 multicultural families in Seoul, the company said Monday.

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