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Korean enoki mushrooms recalled in US

(US Food and Drug Administration)
(US Food and Drug Administration)

The US Food and Drug Administration flagged South Korean enoki mushrooms for the third time in the last two months as a possible source of listeria.

H&C Foods, a Brooklyn-based company, recalled boxes of enoki mushrooms imported from Korea’s Green Co. after the FDA released evidence of potential contamination.

Enoki mushroom samples from Sun Hong Foods Inc., Guan’s Mushroom Co. and H&C Foods tested positive for listeria bacteria, which can cause serious food poisoning in young children, the elderly and those with weak immune systems.

Since November 2016, 36 cases of the foodborne disease have been reported in 17 US states. Four people have died and 30 others have been hospitalized.

The US imported $9.2 million worth of enoki mushrooms from Korea last year.

The Korean government plans to step up hygiene control in the production and distribution process, and will attach “consume after cooking” warning labels on enoki mushroom packages.

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