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'Dalgona' treats gain popularity

(BGF Retail)
(BGF Retail)

Convenience stores are enjoying a sharp rise in dessert sales as consumers try to soothe the COVID-19 blues with sweet treats.

In line with the trend, Korea’s leading convenience store chain CU has introduced dalgona-inspired products.

"Dalgona" refers to a Korean street snack made from brown sugar and baking soda. The "dalgona coffee" challenge -- making a DIY latte with a coffee foam on top -- went viral online recently, with people showing interest in the drink within and outside South Korea.

CU first launched the Chewy Dalgona Macaron on April 18. The pack of three macarons is a trendy remake of CU’s bestselling dessert product. Dalgona Cream Cake and Dalgona Roll followed subsequently.

BGF Retail, the operator of CU, said the company will continue to release tasty convenience store snacks for “home cafe” lovers, or those adhering to the social distancing guidelines. 

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