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[팟캐스트] (340) 네덜란드 국적기 인종차별 논란 / 폭설로 인한 사상사고 발생


진행자: 손지형, Paul Kerry

1. KLM apologizes after being accused of coronavirus racism

요약: 네덜란드 국적기 KLM, 인종차별 논란에 대해 사과

[1] The Netherlands’ flag carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines apologized Friday for banning South Koreans from using a restroom on a plane amid coronavirus concerns.

*flag carrier: 전세기
*ban A from B: A가 B하는 것을 금지하다

[2] According to a Korean passenger onboard the KLM 855 flight bound for Incheon from Amsterdam on Monday, a hand-written note that read “cabin crew exclusive restroom” in Korean was posted on the door of a restroom.

*onboard: 탑승한
*bound for: -로 향하는
*handwritten: 손글씨로 쓴
*cabin crew: 승무원

[3] After the story went viral online and was reported in the Korean media, public criticism mounted, demanding an explanation from KLM about designating a restroom for crew and why the sign was written only in Korean.

*go viral: (온라인 상에) 퍼져 나가다
*criticism: 비판
*mount: 거세지다
*demand: 요구하다
*designate: 지정하다

[4] “We take the allegations that we have discriminated against a part of our passengers very seriously. We are deeply sorry that this was viewed as discrimination, which was absolutely not the intention of the crew,” Guillaume Glass, general manager for Korea at KLM, said during a press conference in Seoul on Friday.

*take A seriously: A를 심각하게 받아들이다
*allegations: 주장, 혐의
*discriminate: 차별하다
*be sorry: -해서 미안하다, -해서 유감이다
*intention: 의도

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2. At least 3 killed on icy roads as snow blankets nation

요약: 올 겨울 최대 폭설로 사상사고가 발생.

[1] The heaviest snow so far this winter hit most parts of South Korea on Monday, disrupting road traffic and causing flight cancellations. At least three people were killed as cars crashed on icy roads, while nearly 40 were injured.

*heavy snow: 폭설
*so far: 지금까지
*disrupt traffic: 교통 불편이 생기다
*flight cancellation: 항공편 취소
*crash: 충돌사고가 나다

[2] Around 20 vehicles piled up inside a tunnel on a highway connecting Suncheon and Wanju in North Jeolla Province at 12:20 p.m., leaving three people dead and 38 others injured, according to police and fire authorities.

*pile up: 쌓이다
*leave people dead/injured: -로 인해 사람이 죽다/다치다

[3] A chemical truck was one of the vehicles involved in the accident. Police said the truck caught fire and caused a toxic gas leak in the tunnel, which made rescue efforts difficult.

*catch fire: 화재가 발생하다
*toxic: 독성의
*rescue: 구조

[4] In North Jeolla Province alone, which received up to 10 centimeters of snow from Sunday through Monday, a total of 195 car accidents were reported from 5 Sunday to Monday, according to the Jeonbuk Provincial Police Agency.

*receive - (centi)meters of snow: -만큼의 눈이 내리다

[5] Due to heavy snow, access to the West Sea was restricted along four routes in the province. National parks in the area, such as Jirisan and Deokyusan, were cordoned off so hikers could not enter.

*due to: (나쁜 원인)으로 인해
*restrict: 제한하다
*cordon off: (안전띠 등을 둘러) 접근을 금지하다
*hikers: 등산객

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