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‘Parasite’ to return to big screen in black and white

Still from
Still from "Parasite" black-and-white edition (CJ Entertainment)

The black-and-white version of Oscar-winning social satire “Parasite” will be screened in local cinemas starting Feb. 26, distributor CJ Entertainment said Thursday.

“The black-and-white edition of ‘Parasite,’ which results from director Bong Joon-ho and cinematographer Hong Kyung-pyo adjusting the contrasts and tones shot by shot, will present a different impression of the film,” the company said. Bong and Hong previously worked together to produce a special version of Bong’s 2009 film “Mother.”

“When we think of classic films, they’re all in black and white. It may be my vanity or fantasy, but I thought my films would also become classics if I turned them into black and white,” Bong said at International Film Festival Rotterdam, where the new version premiered.

“Parasite” has been critically acclaimed for its biting commentary on the modern class divide and for the creative jumbling of different genres, such as black comedy and thriller.

The film recently clinched four wins at the 92nd Academy Awards, including the coveted best picture award. It is the first South Korean film to win an Oscar and the first foreign-language film to win best picture.

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