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Cherry Bullet returns with charismatic ‘Hands Up’

Cherry Bullet has changed tack this year with its charismatic new single “Hands Up.”

The rookie’s first release in nine months, “Hands Up” marks a dramatic shift from the act’s past bubbly image, featuring the girls as fierce dancers taking over the stage.

The high-energy trap dance track was inspired by “Fur Elise” by Ludwig van Beethoven, with the classic’s iconic main tune running throughout the song.


The song puts forth a message of confidence, as the group sings about living a care-free, empowering life. “Smack your knee and get up straight,” sing the bandmates, referring to the song’s Korean title that translates into “smacking one’s knee.” Jimin of AOA, labelmate of Cherry Bullet, took part in penning the song.

“If we showcased our cherry-like lovey and energetic image last year, this time we tried to add some maturity,” said Haeyoon at the group’s media showcase in Seoul on Tuesday.

Such a transition required effort. The bandmates had to appear charismatic while dancing the song’s powerful choreography. At the event, they wore matching street-style outfits that befitted the new single’s concept.

Newly established under FNC Entertainment, Cherry Bullet originally debuted as a 10-piece act with the single “Let’s Play Cherry Bullet” in January last year. In December the same year, however, Mirae, Kokoro and Linlin parted ways with the group and the agency.

Asked about how they felt about downsizing, Bora said, “It was decided according to their discussion with the agency. We felt wistful about it and also felt sorry for fans who’ve been waiting for our comeback.”

Infused with passion, Cherry Bullet expressed its hopes to impress with “Hands Up.”

“We made a comeback among many other girl groups, and I think it will be a good time for us to learn. We hope to approach more fans and audiences with ‘Hands Up,’ which offers a friendly melody, as well as our lovely, energetic charm,” said Haeyoon.

“Hands Up” was released Tuesday evening.

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