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Twice’s Chaeyoung hits out at infamous stalker

Nayeon’s stalker claims to have leaked Chaeyoung’s phone number online

Chaeyoung (Twice’s Instagram)
Chaeyoung (Twice’s Instagram)

Twice’s Chaeyoung lashed out at a stalker on Sunday after her personal phone number was released on social media.

The K-pop group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, released an official statement Sunday, saying it would immediately sue the person who first disclosed Chaeyoung’s private number online. A few hours later, Chaeyoung took to Instagram to deliver a direct message to the stalker.

“We’re at our limits to stay quiet and wait for you to stop,” began the message Chaeyoung wrote Sunday. “Due to the 11 digits that an inconsiderate and disrespectful person posted on the internet, my phone is bombarded with calls and text messages and I’m going through some needless trouble.”

This is the first time a Twice member has directly called out the stalker in recent months, during which several bandmates have been targeted by such behavior.

Members of Twice pose for photos at the 34th Golden Disc Awards ceremony in Seoul on Jan. 5. (Yonhap)
Members of Twice pose for photos at the 34th Golden Disc Awards ceremony in Seoul on Jan. 5. (Yonhap)

In December, JYP Entertainment requested police protection due to worsening stalking of the group by a man who revealed himself as Nayeon’s fan from Germany. Although the firm stated it took legal action against the man, the stalking did not stop.

On Jan. 1, the man boarded the same plane as the group as they were returning from Japan, attempting to reach Nayeon. Following the incident, JYP Entertainment filed another charge against the man and requested the court issue a restraining order.

After Chaeyoung’s warning on Sunday, the man said on Twitter he was behind the leaking of her number. He requested Chaeyoung delete the Instagram post and accused her of hurting him. He also complained that his friends and families are being threatened by the singer’s fans.

The German man is a “sasaeng” fan -- a Korean term referring to fans who track down the private schedules of stars so closely that they infringe upon their privacy -- who has been tormenting Twice recently.

Last month, Dahyun’s privacy was breached when an unidentified person photographed the details of her passport as she was checking in for departure at a local airport. Meanwhile, Mina -- who has been taking a break since last year due to an anxiety disorder -- was allegedly threatened by a foreign fan who tried to trespass on her home in Japan. 

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