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Korean Chinese still largest group of foreign residents in S. Korea

Korean Chinese make up the largest group of registered foreign residents in the country, especially in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, the latest official data showed Sunday.

Meanwhile, in Daejeon and on Jeju Island, Chinese people without Korean ancestry accounted for the biggest number of registered residents.

According to the Korea Immigration Service, of 1,274,775 registered foreigners here, which counts foreign residents on long-term visas, but not F-4 visa holders, Chinese nationals of Korean ethnicity were the largest group at 338,920. They were followed by other Chinese at 210,893, Vietnamese (183,602), Uzbeks (54,990) and Cambodians (45,138).

(Ministry of Justice)
(Ministry of Justice)

The government data showed that 152,235 Korean Chinese lived in Seoul and 118,778 in Gyeonggi Province, as of September.

Other areas with a high percentage of Korean Chinese were Incheon (18,944), South Chungcheong Province (12,875) and Ulsan (5,167).

In Daejon and Jeju, other Chinese were the largest foreign resident groups accounting for 5,689 and 10,935, respectively.

By provinces and cities, Vietnamese made up the bulk of foreign residents in North and South Gyeongsang Provinces (37,125), North and South Jeolla Provinces (20,153), North Chungcheong Province (6,823) Busan (12,118), Daegu (7,380) Gwangju (5,486) and Sejong (1,245).

Countries with only one foreign resident in Korea were Liechtenstein, Seychelles, Guyana, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda and Djibouti.

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