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UN committee adopts resolution designating clean air day

A UN committee has adopted by consensus a resolution designating a special day to promote clean air under a South Korea-led initiative for global efforts to improve air quality, Seoul's foreign ministry said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the Second Committee of the General Assembly, which deals with economic growth and development issues, endorsed the resolution to set Sept. 7 as the International Day of Clean Air for blue skies to be observed starting next year. 


South Korea launched a diplomatic effort for the resolution after President Moon Jae-in proposed the designation of the clean air day during a keynote speech at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York in September.

"The adoption is a result of a confirmed international understanding that there need to be joint efforts to enhance awareness related to air pollution and improvement in air quality," the ministry said in a press release.

The resolution emphasizes the need to strengthen international cooperation to improve air quality in various areas, including the collection and utilization of data, joint research and the sharing of best practices.

It also acknowledges the "urgent need" to raise public awareness, and promote and facilitate actions to improve air quality, and points out that improving air quality can also enhance climate change mitigation. (Yonhap)